The Personal website of Paul J Abernathy

Solve hard problems.  Make the world a better place through quality software.


This web site is about me, although right now, it is primarily devoted to finding work in software development or data science.

As of late May 2014, I have just started building it out so it is still incomplete, so please bear with me...

On the left are some navigation items.

About Me - some basic information about me
Career Summary and Goals - should be self explanatory
Accomplishments - primarily accomplishments that a resume does not have space for
Services - what I can do on the job
FAQ - mostly interview type questions; if you are a potential employer, there may be some questions you would ask here
Contact Me - just as it sounds
Blog - not much there yet, but check back later for updates...
Links - I'll be building out a list of sites I like or recommend
GitHub code respositories - goes to the list of my projects on GitHub, where I have begun putting code I have been writing recently; you can get an idea of my coding style and some things I have been working on
Demo Page - where I put a few applications I have written recently in order to demonstrate the types of things I might be able to help you with if you are a potential employer/customer (goes to a virtual server on AWS)
Resumes - mostly just copied from my Word resume; much of this information is in other tabs, sometimes in greater detail; one version has more detail than the other